Poem: My African Pride

When my day begins

I go by my window

Why look

It is my home, Africa.


My feminine life is reaching a better dawn

My smiling eyes are reaching a brighter tomorrow

I produce charity

I produce virtue

In my charismic castle

I walk with my African elegance.


My new flowers

Nourish my thoughts

My mountain’s peaks

Expand my African pride

My river sings

With her shining soul

My aloe leaves

Out shine my African pride.


Once the sun removes his kiss

From my chocolate skin

He distinguishes me from the rest

He makes me the daughter of the soil

Presenting me with the gift of Africanism.


My African home symbolises beauty

My culture symbolises peace

My country South Africa symbolises freedom

And my African continent symbolises unity.

I love my home with the utmost dignity

For I am still an African.


When the day is done

I go by my window again

Why look

It is still my home,



Written by: Zipho Sikhakhane

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