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Zipho’s insights were very fascinating and gave me hope. It was highly motivational. She connected the global and local trends very well. – Mcebisi Jonas, Former Deputy Finance Minister, South Africa


“I have used Zipho on many occasions and she always delivers. She is polished, professional and engages so well with any audience. We are always moved by her story and uplifted by it. Her success makes one to think that every minute should be used wisely. She has achieved so much in life. She has a great inspirational story that I connected with on a deep level. What an interesting and energetic woman – an inspiration to all! – Adele Ungaretti, Senior Designer – Global Leadership Development, Standard Bank


”It was a privilege to listen to Zipho talk to my executive team and staff. Her content was very inspiring. I took two pages of notes. She is well learned and very practical.” – Doug Smollan, Executive Chairman & Director, Smollan International Retail Solutions


“Zipho’s uniqueness is that she uses personal real lived experiences to demonstrate the insights she
shares on success. She delivered inspiring insights in a very humble way. The keynote was relevant and relatable to my team, and she connected the dots really well. She is a legend! #legendary #awesomeness #inspiringmessage #fromtheheart” – Jacques Celliers, CEO, FNB South Africa


“Zipho is such a natural speaker and connects very well with her audience. I was inspired. I loved what she said about leadership, that it’s first about managing your life, your choices and decisions that you make daily – as they have a huge bearing on what happens in future. She clearly articulates a path towards finding and strengthening that which distinguishes you.” – Hon. Minister of Public Works & Transport, Lindiwe Dlamini, Swaziland